Middle School Program

Middle School Programs

JMG offers core and customized middle school programs across the state. While each program is tailored to fit the needs of students and our school partners, all share common factors of competency- and experiential-based curriculum delivered by a student-centered JMG Specialist, who tracks the outcomes of their program.

Middle School Core Program

The middle school core program helps students develop communication, team-building, leadership, and problem-solving skills through project work and adventure-based activities. It includes a hands-on community service component, teaching students about the importance of giving back. The middle school program is unique because it is the only program targeted to this age group that acknowledges and provides continued support for students as they transition from middle school into high school.

A full-time JMG Specialist is trained, supported, and employed by JMG. As a guest of the host school, the JMG Specialist delivers competency-based model curricula to 40 to 50 students per core program, allowing for smaller class sizes. Each partnering school establishes a JMG Advisory Board, including participation from teachers, guidance counselors, and administration.

Critical to the success of JMG program is the relationship established between the student and the JMG Specialist. Through classroom instruction and a student-centered personalized learning approach, JMG Specialists help students reach their fullest potential through academic support and building skills to ensure students are successful beyond middle school. Students have the opportunity to learn critical skills in leadership, teamwork, written communications, public speaking, time management, personal finance, work habits, and career development. The JMG model also includes community service and philanthropic components, teaching students about the importance of good citizenship and giving back.

All students participate in the JMG Council, a student-led organization that offers additional opportunities to create a sense of belonging and to put skills into action. Council members elect officers and all students serve on committees. There are four areas of concentration: leadership development; civic awareness; social awareness; and career exploration.

JMG’s model utilizes experiential-based education through extended learning opportunities, including statewide student enrichment activities, participation in student shadow days at the Maine State Legislature, and onsite company tours. JMG’s extensive connections to Maine’s employers and community leaders are an important part of achieving successful results on behalf of our students. By visiting our classrooms and volunteering at student enrichment events, JMG's more than 200 business partners and community leaders help to expose students to Maine’s diverse network of employers and career opportunities.

As a results-driven organization, JMG vigilantly tracks and responds to the outcomes of our programs, always keeping students at the center of the educational process. JMG has a best-in-class outcome data information system. These outcomes, such as graduation rate, continued education rate, retention rate, and GPA, allow us to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.

A unique service of JMG that distinguishes our program from others, is our commitment to formal follow-up support of students. Through follow-up, JMG Specialists continue to serve students for a minimum of 12 months after completing middle school. During this period, Specialists provide guidance and mentoring to ensure a smooth transition into high school.

Middle School Customized Programs

In addition to our core program, JMG collaborates with our middle school partners to offer programming focused on career preparation and financial literacy. These unique programming opportunities can be adapted to meet the needs of the students and the partner school.

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