JAG New England

Since 2017, JMG has supported the launch and success of JAG New England.  JAG NE is currently working with some of the gateway cities in Massachusetts to launch new regional programs.

JAG New England works in partnership with public education, business community, and higher education partners to create pathways to and through graduation for students with proven barriers to success. JAG New England specialists work with a select cohort of 45-50 students each year delivering classroom instruction and connecting them to career oriented learning opportunities outside of the school building. During senior year Specialists are an instrumental part of the college and career ecosystem in the school building; they play a unique role in coaching students to identify interests and opportunities that will shape their pathways after high school and help students to anticipate and plan for any challenges in their transitions. Participants stay connected to their Specialist for a year after high school graduation and receive ongoing mentorship and support to persist in college & careers.

To learn more, including how to start a program in your Massachusetts school, get in touch with Lydia Emmons at 617-233-3484 or [email protected]