College Success Program

JMG's College Success Program (CSP) is a comprehensive bridging and retention program that starts in high school and continues seamlessly through college. The singular and overarching goal of the CSP is to help students with barriers to education obtain a post-secondary credential.

In partnership with Maine colleges, the CSP plays a critical role in students' success and can mean the difference between a student completing college or dropping out. JMG's College Success Program has been designed based on our own extensive experiences helping students graduate both high school and college, as well as the latest research from college-bridging and retention programs nationwide. Eligible students include those who were part of a JMG program in middle or high school, youth who are or have been in foster care, and college students who received their GED within the last five years.

In the years leading up to college, the CSP helps students prepare for and aspire to college through academic support, campus tours, application assistance, and more. Once in college, the CSP provides students with a range of individualized services including academic, social, and financial support. During the 2017-2018 academic year, JMG has 11 CSP specialists on  9 Maine college and university campuses. These CSP specialists interact with every JMG high school program.