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Wladimir Ortiz

Why JMG?

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I have always been involved in the lives of youth, either through church ministry, summer camps, or activities to provide the skills and connections that at times are missing from their home lives. While I was substituting at my school district (SAD #53), there was a need to fill a temporary position with JMG. I first looked at the company website to know more about its mission. When I encountered the slogan, "Student centered - Results Driven," I wanted to know more about what that meant. What I encountered was an organization that indeed focuses on helping students reach their potential where otherwise they would not have the support network to do it and to change their future. There are not many programs invested in the future of our youth like JMG, and I wanted to be part of that.


JMG since 2017

B.A. in Business Management, Valle University


Wladimir enjoys triathlons, running, hiking and reading.


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High School Program

High School Program

JMG offers core and customized high school programs across the state. While each program is tailored to fit the needs of students and our school partners, all share common factors of competency- and experiential-based curriculum delivered by a student-centered JMG Specialist, who tracks the outcomes of their program.