Leadership Education Conference (LEC)

Gaining skills that will last a lifetime...

The Leadership Education Conference (LEC) is an overnight event at Pine Tree Camp in Rome, Maine, for students who have been elected to serve as officers (president, vice president, etc.) of their Career Association or Middle School Council.

Through a variety of indoor and outdoor activities, students develop leadership skills, learn cooperation, build confidence, gain trust in each other, and promote teamwork.

Activities include some kind of building challenge, a chance to plan their community service projects and fundraising events for the year, team-building initiatives, a Project Management workshop led by volunteers from the business community and an Amazing Race-style challenge that encourages some friendly competition among peers.

The goal of this event is for the students to tap into their leadership potential, develop a good group dynamic that will last throughout the school year, and cultivate a sense of trust and respect with their teaching Specialist.

The next LEC will be held October 15th-23rd.  For additional information reach out to Staci Beal at [email protected]