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Like you, all of us at JMG have experienced a year like no other. The COVID-19 Pandemic shined a bright and unfiltered light into the widening breach between the haves and have nots among our school-age children. But through the adversity, JMG students continued to demonstrate the characteristics of what we want for Maine's future: personal responsibility, work ethic, frugality, humility, generosity, commitment and integrity.

As JMG continues to double its efforts to meet the needs of our students, and our students double down on their commitment to their education, we are watching a special story unfold throughout Maine - a story of Gratitude. We have been inspired by active expressions of appreciation that are all around us: for first responders and health care professionals, working parents, teachers and especially our JMG Specialists. We hope you will join us in showing appreciation by putting your Gratitude in Action.

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