JMG Staff 2019


JMG staff share a commitment to student success. Contact us to learn more.

Craig Larrabee President and CEO [email protected]
Kimberley Acker Lipp Executive Vice President [email protected]
Nate Pelsma Chief Financial Officer [email protected]
Julee Grass Chief of Staff [email protected]
Jane Golden Vice President of Human Resources [email protected]
Matt St. John Director of Operations [email protected]
Greg Johnson Vice President of Institutional Advancement [email protected]
Robin Allen Assistant Director of Operations [email protected]
Tracie Travers Director of Workforce Development [email protected]
Lisa Gardner Director of Stewardship [email protected]
Staci Beal Development Manager [email protected]
Dena-Lee Shorey Accounting Manager [email protected]
Danielle Lefebvre Payroll/HR Specialist [email protected]
Mary-Augusta Fortin Accounting Specialist [email protected]
Sara Lozefski Data Manager [email protected]
Samantha Turcotte Assistant Chief of Staff [email protected]
Ed Leeman Regional Manager [email protected]
Penson Bartlett Regional Manager [email protected]
Mark Pullen Regional Manager [email protected]
Cory Paquette Regional Manager [email protected]
Lindsey Withee Regional Manager [email protected]
Jessica Porter Regional Manager [email protected]
Mitch Donar Regional Manager [email protected]
Debbie Bechard Regional Manager [email protected]
Kelly Bourassa Regional Manager [email protected]
Jessica Ward Regional Manager [email protected]
Kara Boone Pathway Training Manager [email protected]
Kevin Michaud Pathway Navigator [email protected]
Julie Sinclair Pathway Navigator [email protected]